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Staff Spotlight: Kyle Hall

Each month, we highlight one of our talented team members. This month, our Staff Spotlight will focus on Kyle Hall, Director of Development and Operations and Loose Cannon!

Who is Kyle Hall?

Kyle Hall, who is lovingly referred to by his colleagues as the "Lord of the Code", celebrated 11 years of working at ByWater Solutions in February! Since joining ByWater in 2012, Kyle has made a huge impact on both our company and the Koha Community at large. He quickly became a huge name in the Koha project and has grown to the status of “True OG” to libraries who use this product worldwide. Kyle has an impressive depth of knowledge when it comes to libraries and software and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with anyone who has an interest. He is a leader both within ByWater and the global community and we would not be where we are as an organization or software community without him.

Oh, and he also created the Libki Kiosk Management System!

Nate Curulla, CRO at ByWater Solutions, recently commented:

Kyle walks the walk when it comes to his passion and dedication to the Open Source mission and is a powerhouse when it comes to knocking out a development to-do list. His colleagues love his infectious positivity and willingness to jump into complex problems at the drop of a hat. His tenacious attitude toward getting project done right is a huge motivator for the rest of the team as well. Thank you for all of your hard work over these past 11 years."

Fun Facts about Kyle

Kyle plays bass in a band called Northbound Soul with his wife, who plays the keyboard!

He has a menagerie at his house, and his pets include:

  • 2 dogs
  • 2 cats
  • 1 mouse
  • 2 fish tanks
  • 5 snakes
  • 1 bearded dragon
  • 1 leopard gecko
  • 1 tortoise
  • 1 dove
  • 3 jumping spiders (not counting the 100 or so babies!)

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