Koha ILS

Share your library cards with Chris

Chris Cormack is collecting cards from libraries using Koha around the world. In the newsletter a few months ago Chris stated:

“I have started to make a wall of library cards of libraries using Koha. I only have 5 so far, but I would absolutely love it if people would send me a card from their library. I think it would make a fantastic display and I promise to take lots of photos of it (under a CC-BY-SA license). If you want to send one, please send it to Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT, PO Box 11053, Manners Street, Wellington 6142, New Zealand.‚Äù

I shared this on social networks a while back, but haven’t shared this info with you all here. If you missed this and have a card to share with Chris, please do! You can see his wall of cards so far here on Flickr.

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