Koha ILS

Relative’s Checkouts Koha OPAC

This tutorial video will show you a few new enhancements including setting up visibility of relative’s checkouts in the Koha OPAC. There are 2 new system preferences that tie into this
option, AllowStaffToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor and AllowPatronToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor. Now you have the option to allow your
 patrons to view their relative’s checkouts in the OPAC.



Steps to set up Relative’s Checkouts in Koha 16.05 and future releases.

  1. Enable the system preference for AllowPatronToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor. This allows patrons to choose their own privacy settings for showing the patron’s checkouts to the patron’s guarantor. This preference requires that you allow patrons to se their own privacy with the OPACPrivacy preference.
  2. Enable the system preference for AllowStaffToSetCheckoutsVisibilityForGuarantor. This allows staff to set the ability for a patron’s checkouts to be viewed by linked patrons in the OPAC.
  3. Set a child patron and connect to adult guarantor
  4. Check out some items to each borrower
  5. Log into the child’s account and select yes for Allow your guarantor to view your current checkouts?
  6. Log into Adult guarantors account on the OPAC and view the Relatives’ checkouts tab in “your summary”

To learn all about Koha 16.05 view the other videos in this series and make sure to review the manual and the release notes.