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Make Previous Serial Available - Koha tutorial

In this Koha tutorial we will show you how to make a previous serial available in Koha 16.11.

To learn all about Koha 16.11 view the other videos in this series and make sure to review the manual and the release notes.

This new system preference is very useful to those libraries that don’t circulate the current issue of a serial, but they circulate the older issues.  There are first a few steps to set up this new feature in your Koha 16.11.  

  1.  System Preference :  makepreviousissueavailable – set this to “make”.  
  2. System Preference: Item-Level_itypes – set this to specific item. 
  3. The library must also have two different item types set up for Serials.  One could be called “non-circulating periodical” and the other “periodical”
  4. When creating or editing a subscription- in the subscription details, the subscription must be set up to “create an item record when receiving this serial”
  5. Also in  the subscription details, there will be a place to enter for “Item Type” and “Item Type for Older Issues”. This is where you will choose what item type the current serial is set to, and what the older issue item type will be.
  6. Once this is set up, the receiving of the current issue will be marked as the non-circulating.  
  7. When your next issue comes, the previous issue will go to circulating, and the current issue will then be made into non-circulating.