Open to a New Era: Koha as the Strategic Foundation to Library Re-Conception

This October Michael Wells, Library Director at Thomas More University and Jessica Zairo, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator at ByWater Solutions collaborated to present at the 2019 Kentucky Library Association Annual Conference. The Conference theme this year was Re-thinking the way WE library.

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Title: Open to a New Era: Koha as the Strategic Foundation to a Library Re-Conception

Presenters: Michael Wells, Library Director, Thomas More University
Jessica Zairo, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, ByWater Solutions

Description: Does an open source integrated library system seem too out of scope for your library? Do you worry that you lack the technical expertise, or dedicated staff to benefit from a lower cost and open ILS solution? Find out how Thomas More University's (TMU) Benedictine Library met these challenges thanks to their partnership with ByWater Solutions in the implementation of Koha. In 2018, TMU transitioned to Koha after almost two decades on their prior system. The partnership with ByWater and use of Koha resulted in a 60% cost reduction, while providing far more features and a truly
open and modern interface for their patrons. This presentation will address how a library of three full time staff members has been able to benefit, and advance library services through the implementation of the open Koha ILS.