National Library Lovers Month: Round Rock Public Library

We're celebrating National Library Lovers Month by celebrating positive stories from our library partners.

Rhonda Kuiper, of Round Rock Public Library, sent in a patron story that was shared with them:

"I usually don't look at the Round Rock newspaper that shows up for free in my driveway. But the universe works in mysterious ways. A week ago I happened to open it and had a quick glance before putting it in the recycle. My entire team was cut in the IBM resource action Thursday May 21 so the resume review caught my eye. I signed up and shared it with my team and I know of one other who reviewed with Linda S.

I keep my resume fairly up to date and work on improving it periodically. But in the current situation, I quickly made some updates that were not well thought out. This review with Linda was exactly what I needed. She pointed out what I did well, what needs improvement and even though I've been around awhile, she provided new and current insight that I wasn't aware of. Linda was very polite, professional and I really enjoyed the time with her. The process from signing up to our meeting was clear and simple. Not a fan of Microsoft Teams but we still had a great discussion.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to the Round Rock Public Library for providing this service. I really appreciate it and my teammate also shared with me how much he appreciated this opportunity."

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