Koha ILS

Mobile Apps for Doing Inventory in Koha

When training on the Koha inventory tool last week I mentioned my “easy way” to do inventory. It’s the way I’ve been training people to do inventory for years now. I recommend plugging your barcode scanner in to a laptop, putting the laptop on a book cart and rolling it up and down the shelves. But it’s about time I got with the program and started looking in to ways to do inventory with our mobile devices! So I did some searching and asking around and came up with the following tools that might replace the scanner, laptop, book cart combo. Let me know if you have other suggestions or if you have have a good/bad experience with one of these and Koha.

All of the above imply that you can export a list of barcodes to a text or CSV file which is what you need to do inventory in Koha.