March 2017 Librarian of the Month Award


ByWater Solutions congratulates our March 2017 Librarian of the Month, Viki Karls!!

Each month, ByWater recognizes a librarian for their  hard work and positive impact on the community. Our March 2017 Librarian of the Month is Viki Karls, Library Clerk and Cataloger at the Fox River Grove Memorial Library.

Our team was so impressed with Viki’s dedication to her library and community that we wanted to award her with this special honor.

Nicole Steeves, Director at Fox River Grove Memorial Library, commented on Viki’s service to her community:

“Viki not only does her regular job duties of reference, circulation, and cataloging with aplomb and good grace, but she has also made our ARC-reading program for staff manageable by developing a system for organizing and distributing the ARCs. Her inventiveness and innate understanding of the physical demands of that unique collection have made her a standout.”

We LOVE hearing what Viki has done to make a positive impact in the community! CONGRATULATIONS Viki!

Nominate a staff member who shows outstanding service and exceeds the expectations of library patrons and users today: /librarian-month/

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