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I love the Koha community!

I just had to share this awesome story of how a community can come together to fix a problem. Thursday a partner of ours asked how to hide item types and collection codes from the advanced search page if they were hidden using the OpacHiddenItems system preference … the answer was I had to do some custom JQuery to hide them. I thought to myself, and then shared it in an enhancement request, that it would make perfect sense if I had hidden items using this preference that they wouldn’t be options to filter results on either.

If you’re interested, here’s snippet of the JQuery (there were a lot of types to hide so I won’t include it all here):

[code language=”javascript” wraplines=”true” toolbar=”true”]

//remove item types from advanced search

//remove collection codes from advanced search


When I got in to work on Friday morning, I logged in to the Koha IRC channel as always and was presented with a message sent to me during the night. A community member had taken my suggestion and written the code to make Koha do just what I (and the partner) wanted! One hour later I had tested the patch in a sandbox, signed off on it and passed it on to our Quality Assurance team for hopeful inclusion in Koha 3.18.

How awesome is that?! The lesson here is that you never know what’s going to happen if you ask for a feature – so why not ask!! Sign up for Bugzilla today and get your ideas out there, it’s how Koha grows.

This folks is the beauty of open source and of course my fine friends around the world in the Koha community.

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