Looking Ahead for 2020

2020 will represent ByWater’s 11th year as a support provider in the library world. Each year we have seen tremendous growth, not only in numbers but also in the overall message and strength of all of us that are involved in this journey. We have seen partners go from being afraid of library software to becoming successful leads in community development. It is important for all of us to have recognition and respect for each other’s space, ideas, and learning styles for continued growth. We believe in community and want to do the best that we can for each other to feel completely comfortable in this space.

As you may all know - the library vendor world continues to shrink through corporate acquisition. With limited options out there - it becomes extremely important for us to continue this journey of helping each other, listening to each other, and being the example of the best community that is out there. Each day our staff reflects and studies on the correct empathy for tackling not only library issues but software issues as well. We will continue to strive to be transparent, collaborative, and educationally minded.

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