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Library Perceptions 2020: International Survey of Library Automation

Marshall Breeding recently released the thirteenth edition of the International Survey of Library Automation. You can view the survey at

The survey presents the latest data on how libraries perceive the effectiveness of the strategic technology systems upon which they depend for their daily operations and to fulfill the expectations of their patrons. This report presents and interprets survey responses gathered from November 2019 through February 2020.

Nate Curulla, Owner and CRO, recently commented on the feedback from the survey

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in this survey as it gives us a good insight into how well we are doing as a company and how satisfied you are as our partners. Of course, there is always room for us to improve so if your experience does not match what some of these great comments portray please please please make sure we know about it!! We constantly strive to bring the greatest satisfaction possible to all of our valued partners and always greatly appreciate any feedback we get, whether it be good or bad. Thank you all again, we love working with our library partners to make the technology part of your jobs as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Narrative comments for Koha and ByWater Solutions can be viewed at

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