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This just came through on the OSS4Lib List from Eric Lease Morgan:

Consider completing an open source software IdeaScale:

A few friends and I are doing some investigations regarding open source software and libraries. Through the process we have made a number of assertions, such as but not limited to:

  • Libraries need an easy to manage open source Google-like search
  • There is a critical mass of OSS to do much of library work
  • Libraries should become sources of safe open source software

Using the IdeaScale tool we can garner from a wider audience — such as yourselves — the validity of these assertions. Just click “thumbs up” if you agree or “thumbs down” if you disagree. Add a comment and/or additional assertion if you desire. Instant feedback. A way to gauge community interest.

Give it a whirl?

I too will be keeping an eye on this to see what librarians and library professionals are thinking.

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