Library is Open Podcast with Justin Hoenke

We are pleased to announce our newest session of The Library is Open Podcast! This session features an interview with Justin Hoenke. Justin is the Team Leader: Libraries & Community Spaces at Wellington City Council in New Zealand. Justin and Jessie talk about libraries, communities and most importantly kindness.

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About Justin Hoenke

Justin is a community focused librarian & manager who believes that when we all respect each other, work together, and have honest communication that we can accomplish the most amazing things. At the Libraries & Community Spaces at Wellington City Council in New Zealand he provides strategic direction and leadership for 2 public libraries and 4 community centers. Justin is also the author of a a regular column titled A Day in the Life of a Librarian in Information Today Magazine. This 9 times/year column is focused on speaking with librarians and others in the information management professional about trends, inspiration, technology, management, and more.

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