Library Automation Perceptions Survey

I hope all is well and that everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season! For my first blog post of 2012 I’d like to remind everyone about the Perceptions in Library Automation survey that is going on right now.

Every year Marshall Breeding (manager of does a survey of perceptions in library automation. This survey asks librarians to answer several questions about their ILS and support providers and the results are shared publicly each year. This survey has been used by librarians for years to help them in them decide what ILS and support company to choose. This survey is also very important for ByWater, as it serves as an invaluable tool for the ever evolving process of providing the highest level of Koha support available.

Thanks to your positive feedback and comments, last year’s survey listed Koha/ByWater in the top survey findings as doing “the best in the company loyalty department, [placing] third for ILS satisfaction, support satisfaction, and company satisfaction.” This recognition did not only help ByWater as a company (and you in turn as our partners) but it brought attention to Koha and in return new Koha developers and community members. Positive growth in the community benefits all of us , and has contributed to the addition of hundreds of new Koha features and bug fixes in 2011. Taking the time to give both Koha and ByWater recognition in this survey (if you feel as though it is deserved) helps to promote open source in libraries and strengthens the community that we are all a part of.

When filling out the survey, if you use ByWater as your support provider, then please list your ILS as ‘Koha — ByWater Solutions’ whether you’re hosted or not. Marshall has added a new field this year asking for support provider which confuses things a bit, so hopefully this tip will help you effectively complete the survey.

The staff at ByWater are devoted to providing you with excellent customer service. If you have any complaints, concerns or even praises to share with us, please do. While this survey and your positive responses to it are important to the library and open source world at large, your comments and suggestions are important to us personally and we welcome them all. Communication of your problems or frustrations is vital; we have never failed to solve an issue for a customer that we have been notified of. Please contact either Brendan or Nate directly with any problems relating to quality of service and they will make absolutely sure that they are resolved immediately.

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