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Libki 14.08 ( Bender ) released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of Libki 14.08, code name Bender! This release of Libki has a number of new features and bug fixes!

  • Bug fix: Fix column sorting for administration clients table
  • Feature: Advance creation of guest accounts. This feature allows you to generate any number of guest accounts in advance with the ability to print the usernames and pins or to store them in a file on the server for other software to access.
  • Bug fix: SESSION_DELETED actions not recorded correctly. These actions were being stored in the database as an empty string. This has been fixed and the update will correct existing actions in the database as well.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes users must log in twice when using Libki for the first time when using SIP2
  • Remove the ctrl-alt-shift-L unlocker for Windows. Libki now has a built-in kill switch so this is no longer needed.

Learn more about Libki support from ByWater.

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