Libki 14.02 ( Leela ) Released!

Hey All,

The latest version of the Libki client and server are out the door!

Here are some highlights:

  • Add ability to deny logins if SIP2 patron status flags are set when using SIP2
  • Add ability to disallow logins if patron has exceeded fee limits when using SIP2
  • Add the ability to give users multiple sessions daily
  • Add backdoor password option to Libki client which makes closing the Libki client without server access trivial
  • Bug fix , When using SIP, reservations cannot be made by users who have never logged into a client pc

As always, you can download the latest client here:

The latest server release can be obtained by checking out ‚Äòleela’ or ‚Äòr14.02‚Ä≤ via git.

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