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KohaNA 2015 - Installing Koha

Aaron Williams, a web developer for Mercyhurst demonstrated how to install Koha. Starting with a discussion of hardware requirements, Aaron passed around a Raspberry Pi while discussing that even such a small inexpensive device is capable of running Koha, though it may not be the fastest.

Aaron Williams, Web Developer at Mercyhurst University, Erie PA

His overview discussed the parts that make Koha work. Namely, Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl (LAMP). These are the foundational building blocks of a Koha server.

Aaron provided a VirtualBox virtual machine to attendees so everyone who wanted to could walk through the installation process with Aaron.

There are a number of installation methods. The most common being Debian packages orinstalling from source via git.

After discussing installation via Debian packages, Aaron overviewed the needed Apache configuration that would be customized per installation.

After installing and configuring the base Koha package and dependencies, creating a Koha instance can be done with a single command.

Once that is done, it is easy to walk though the web based installation where example data can be selected for installation.

Our library partner, Heather Braum, wrote up a great summary of commands needed!

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