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KohaCon13: Meeting the People Behind the Data

KohaCon13 has begun and I have a special goal this year. As the Director of Migrations, I see a lot of data pass through my hands. I get to know a library’s personality through the process of wading through the bibliographic data. The data speaks to me and I learn a lot about the library’s focus, its goals and what its patrons like to read the most during my interactions with the data. I find this work very interesting and at times quite fascinating.

However, I am always keenly aware that there are people behind the data- not only the patrons that utilize the library, but also the staff that create and maintain the data. One of my goals this year at KohaCon is to meet those faces behind the data. I am fortunate that the conference is in Reno, NV this year and many of the libraries I work with are able to attend the conference this year. I have already met a few of our partners -Hi Heather and Hi Henry! If you or one of your coworkers is at KohaCon this year, and I haven’t found you yet, please come over and say hi. I’m pretty easy to spot. I’m the tall girl with the streak of red in her hair. I’d love to meet you.

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