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KohaCon12: It's all about the people


Open source (and Koha) is about a lot more than the code and the programmers – it’s about the community. So with Koha, how does the community work? Chris Cormack broke it down for us in to some very simple steps!

  • People are always on IRC talking about Koha and our lives (Stats)
  • The Mailing Lists are very active (as the last speaker mentioned) and are a great way to see what’s being discussed and participating in that discussion. (Stats)
  • The Wiki has pages like this one where people bid to host KohaCon
  • Bugzilla is where we report problems, request enhancements and keep track of developments/fixes. Always search first and if someone has reported it already comment so people know that you have the same problem (the squeaky wheel gets the grease).

It’s not always roses though – like with any community – things don’t always go smoothly. That said we don’t get the same kind of insane flame wars that other communities seem to get. (I like to think of it as a family – every family fights at some point). Usually we all get along.

To be a part of our community it’s really as easy as participating in the above sites in some way. You don’t have to be a programmer! To learn about some of the unsung heroes in the community check Chris’s blog.

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