Kohacon12 Hackfest Winner

Kyle's winnings at Kohacon12 Hackfest!
Kyle's winnings at Kohacon12 Hackfest!

The winner of this years Kohacon12 Hackfest is our very own Kyle Hall. Way to go Kyle!!

The Kohacon Hackfests are held after the ‘traditional’ conference every year. It is a time for developers (and *anyone* with interest in Koha) to discuss new trends and technology. The schedule is loosely organized with small groups breaking off to discuss topics indepth or brainstorm. Many use the opportunity to test patches, sign off on patches and even submit patches. A friendly competition ensues each year to see who can submit the most number of patches/signoffs. You can view the results here: Kyle and Katrin were neck and neck to the end until he passed her totals by just 3.

Kyle was the lucky recipient of a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir carried to Edinburgh by Chris Cormack. Luckily for both Kyle and Chris, Chris’ luggage was found and forwarded on to him in Edinburgh after a brief stay in Shanghai. (??!!) He shared his winnings with the other attendees during the wrap up of the hackfest. Thanks, Kyle!!

“It’s been a great week, and I have greatly enjoyed seeing old acquaintances and meeting new ones! Koha has such a great community. I hope it won’t be another 6 years before I attend my next KohaCon. Once, again, KohaCon13 in Erie, Pennsylvania!” –Kyle

If you’re interested in seeing where the next Kohacon is being held, check out the Koha wiki. And if you would like to host the event, please submit a bid!!!

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