Koha ILS

KohaCon10: Koha in the Cloud

Presented by Andy Chilton

Quickly push a Koha instance into your preferred cloud host

Just need the one config file with your key, then the command line tool (/bin/awssum)

  1. For security grouping: Export GROUP_NAME=default
  2. Run command to allow SSH
  3. Similarly allow HTTP on port 80
  4. Upload your SSH key (or have the system create it)
  5. Pick your OS image: export IMAGE_ID= … check web for image ID for your preferred distro
  6. Start instance. Save the instance-id.
  7. Once running, export the DNS_NAME and IP_ADDRESS to environment variables
  8. ssh root@$DNS_NAME (for Debian, at least)
  9. Now you’re ready to create a your Koha server (using the most excellent Debian packages!)


[Originally posted by Ian Walls]

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