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KohaCon 2018 Portland Oregon

A Week of Adventure in Portland, Oregon for KohaCon18

Last week the entire ByWater team spent a week in Portland, Oregon for the 2018 KohaCon International Conference. It was a great time for our team to meet partners, talk Koha and mingle. We learned a lot in these few short days; everything from ILL, to Closed Stacks Communication to Data Driven Decision Making, and even Bike Libraries! It's truly amazing to see all the wonderful things our partners are doing out there! We have lots of ideas to share with you now that we are back! Below is a picture of the ByWater Team after Day 2 at the Conference on the Portland State University Campus.

First row: (left to right) Nate Curulla, Kyle Hall, Margaret Hade

Middle row: (left to right) Sarah Maseto, Jess Beno, Nick Clemens, Joy Nelson, Donna Bachowski, Todd Goatley-Seals, Larry Baerveldt, Melissa Lefebvre, Andrew Fuerste-Henry, Cindy Norman

Back row: (left to right) Kelly McElligott, Lucas Gass, Tomas Cohen Arazi, Addie Van Salisbury, Barton Chittenden, Dani Elder, Jorge Ramirez, Brendan Gallagher, Rocío Belén Dressler, Jesse Maseto, Jessica Zairo, Adam Brooks

Together Towards Tomorrow

We kicked off the conference with a keynote from Stephanie Chase, Library Director for the Hillsboro Public Library in Oregon. She talked about food, change management and library lifestyles. She set the tone for some great places to eat during our stay! Over the next 3 days we had some great presentations. Seeing our partners and other Koha Libraries present on topics they are passionate about was a game changer. You could see the excitement fill the ballroom! Whether you attended or watched from afar, we held you there in spirit. Below enjoy the group photo of attendees, links to photos, presentations and video from KohaCon 18!