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KohaCon 2010 is Scheduled

KohaCon 2010 will take place in New Zealand, the birthplace of Koha, for the software’s 10th anniversary! Chris Cormack, has the details posted up on his blog and more info will be available on the conference website as it becomes available.

So we now have a venue (The Wellington Townhall) and we have dates:

October 25 , November 2 2010

  • 3 day conference
  • followed by 4 day hackfest

The conference has a website http://kohacon.appspot.com/ which is pretty sparse at the moment but will be filled with more information as we get it.

If you blog, use twitter, identica or flickr … please use the #kohacon10 hashtag to tag you posts/pictures/tweets.

And as always any help offered, or suggestions gratefully received.

ByWater will be there and we can’t wait to see you all!!


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