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Koha-US 2020 Conference Starts Today!

How to Watch the Koha-US 2020 Conference

Register here for the Koha-US 2020 Conference.

Check out the full schedule of events.

The first two days will be streamed for viewing via YouTube at www.youtube.com/kohaus

Day 3 of the conference will be held in the Conference Zoom room. The link will be sent to registrants prior to the event.

Check out these sessions being hosted by our library partners.

Opening Remarks by Koha-US President

11:00am EDT/8:00am PDT

Lisette Scheer works for the Latah County Library District as a System Administrative Specialist and is the current president of the Koha-US user’s group. Join her as she kick's off the 2020 Conference!

Library Systems Response to COVID-19

Hosted by Cindy Li of Bridgewater State University

12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT

There are many new challenges surfacing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Conferences have been cancelled, and libraries around the world are facing difficult decisions on which services to offer, one of the biggest challenge is coming up with a strategy plan to smoothly transition students to return to campus when all the states order reopen. As library IT, it is very challenging during this unprecedented time, but it is also an opportunity for us to investigate and learn.

In this session, presenter would love to share their practices that work with team and collaborate with internal units and external partners to explore and develop systems, tools and new technology to engage students and faculty make use of library resources and improve library services.

Making Slips Your Own

Hosted by Joe Sikowitz of the Fenway Library Organization

12:30pm EDT/9:30am PDT

Utilize basic HTML and CSS along with templates toolkit to make customized slips.

Where Was I Again? Making Koha Recall User Actions After Login

Hosted by Eric Phetteplace of California College of Arts

1:30pm EDT/10:30am PDT

It’s possible to use code in OpacUserJS to create a framework for remembering user actions, so when a patron places a hold or adds a title to a list when they’re not logged in, Koha “remembers” what they were doing after they complete the login process.

Giddy-up Do-nut - AKA: "This is SPECTACULAR sql nerdery right here"

Hosted by George Williams of Northeast Kansas Library System

3:15pm EDT/12:15pm PDT

I often have questions from librarians asking questions about items that require that I run several different reports in order to answer their questions. In order to make running those reports easier, I use one report that allows me to connect to several other reports quickly. This is a fairly advanced report but I will try to explain it in a way that makes it understandable for beginners.

Check back tomorrow for information on Day 2.

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