Tutorial on Tracking In House Use

In this Koha tutorial we will show you two ways to track your library’s in house use.  This video will talk about each way, using a Statistical Patron and the System Preference: Recordlocaluseonreturn.

There are two ways to track in house use.

  1.  Create a Statistical Patron in your Patron Categories.
  2. Create a patron using the Statistical Category for you “In House Use”
  3. When your library finds books on tables or in the reference area that have been pulled off the shelf and your library wants to track this use, “check out” the books to this In House Use Patron.


  1. Go to your Koha Administration – Global System Preferences
  2. Recordlocaluseonreturn- change to allow.
  3. Again any books you want to record as “local use” – go to the circulation module and just check them in.

Both of these methods will track your in house use in Koha.

There are a few reports specific to Tracking In House Use which can be found here in the Koha Report Library.

If you need help with creating a report from the Koha Report Library see this link.

Thanks for watching this Koha Tutorial- to find more videos, see our Bywater Youtube channel.