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Creating a Report for your Library using the Koha Report Wiki

Creating a Report for your Library using the Koha Report Wiki

In this video Koha tutorial you will learn how to use the Koha Report Wiki (the home of over 700 reports to be used in Koha) by copying a report and adding that report to your Koha system.  Here at Bywater Solutions, the staff are very handy in creating a SQL report for you!  However, there is another way to find a report that your library needs – and you might learn some SQL in the process.


  1.  In the Reports Module of Koha on the Staff Client
  2. Link is available to the Koha Report Library on this page.  The Koha Report Wiki can also be found by using this link.
  3. On the Koha Report Library page, the reports are organized by module.
  4. Once you find a report that you wish to use, click the title of the report.
  5. This will bring you to the details of the report including the SQL which is needed to create a report.
  6. Copy the information (SQL) in the blue dotted box.
  7. Go back to your Koha page, and click Create from SQL found on the Report Module page.
  8. Here you will add a title to your report, choose a module, add any notes to the report and finally paste the SQL in the SQL box.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Then you can Run the Report.

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