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Koha Tutorial on How to Incorporate Novelist into Your Staff Client Catalog

In this Koha tutorial, if your library subscribes to Novelist, the 16.11 update of Koha now makes it possible for your staff to access Novelist in staff client catalog. This update includes two new system preferences that allow you to integrate Novelist directly into your staff catalog interface.

koha tutorial novelist staff client

In the screenshot above you’ll see these two new preferences: NovelistSelectStaffEnabled and NovelistSelectStaffView. Provided that you already have your Novelist username and password entered into Koha, the NovelistSelectStaffEnabled preference will turn on Novelist in your staff catalog and NovelistSelectStaffView allows you to choose whether you would like Novelist content displayed in a tab, above the holdings table or below the holdings table.

Here’s how your Novelist content will look when it’s displayed in your staff client as a separate tab. This example is for The Hunger Games.


This is just one of the many new enhancements in Koha 16.11. If you would like to learn more about other new features in Koha, view our Koha tutorial or checkout our 16.11 What’s New Upgrade Webinar available on our YouTube channel bywatersolutions.