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Check Previous Checkouts - a new system preference with Koha 17.05

In this Koha tutorial we will show you the new system preference with the 17.05 upgrade called Checkprevcheckout.  This system preference can be set to allow and Koha will check patron’s circulation history to see if this item has been checked out in the past to this patron.  


  1. Go to the Administration Module
  2. This is a Global System Prefernce : checkprevcheckout
  3. There are four options for this system preference- the default is “do not”
  4. Asks: ___ check borrower checkout history to see if the current item has been checked out before.


Do not

Unless overridden, do

Unless overridden, do not

  1.  Don’t forget to save your changes!

When the value of this system preference is set to ‘do’, Koha will look at the patron’s circulation history to see if they have checked this item out before. An alert will show up on the screen indicating that patron has indeed checked this item out.  Staff will be prompted to allow the checkout to occur.  If the value is set to ‘don’t’, Koha will not check the patron’s circulation history.

When the value is set to ‘Unless overridden, do’, this will check the patron’s circulation history even if there are fines, fees, and/or holds on the patron’s account.  Lastly, if the value is set to ‘Unless overridden, don’t’, Koha will not check circulation history regardless of fines, fees, and/or holds.

**This system preference will not work for patrons that have chosen to anonymize their reading history.

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