Koha ILS

Creating a Report to include all Branches

Here is a short video with a tip on creating a report in Koha to include all the branches of your library.


  1. Create a new authorized category for BRANCH. You can create any named category here, just as long as you know what it is for.  Authorized values are found in the administrative module.
  2. Once you create a new authorized value category, you will need to create an authorized value for each of your branches. The authorized value you enter for the branch must match the authorized value that is set up in your Libraries & Groups (also found in the administrative module).
  3. The final authorized value you must enter in this new category is an * in the authorized value and for the description use “All Libraries”.
  4. Now we will go into reports and create a new report from SQL.
  5. For example, I created this report and named it, “Count of Borrowers in all Branches and the SQL I used was : select count(*) from borrowers where branchcode like <<Branch|BRANCH>>
  6. Save the report and then run.
  7. <<Branch|BRANCH>> is a run time parameter, so before Koha runs the report, it will need to ask you which branch you would like to run this report with.  Here is where you will have a drop down menu, and one option as “All Libraries”.
  8. Now you can run the report for an individual library but also for all the libraries in your branch.

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