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ByWater's Koha Support Survey

At ByWater we’re always striving to produce the best customer and Koha support in the business.

So recently we’ve attached a support survey to the email you receive when a support ticket is resolved/answered. We’ve received many replies and are very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to fill these surveys out.

Now that we have a bit of data, I wanted take the time to answer a few of your questions from these surveys.

  • Question:
    Can I reply to the email notification, or do I need to log into the ticket to post my comments for each ticket?

    • Answer:
      Yes, you can reply to the email notification directly and that reply will update your support ticket.
  • Question:
    I would like to have some options as to indicating the status of a ticket. I understand the need for staff to be able to assign the ticket and close the ticket, but I would like to be able to mark a ticket as updated.

    • Answer:
      With the current ticketing system that we’re using only ByWater staff can change the status of a ticket. But with every ticket reply from you, we receive an email telling us that a partner has updated a ticket, even if the ticket was marked resolved/answered.
  • Question:
    Sometimes I respond to a closed ticket and I think no one sees my response. Is there a better way to reopen the ticket?

    • Answer:
      We are notified when a response is added to a closed ticket. If you feel that the issue has not been resolved on a closed ticket, simple update the ticket stating that this issue is still present and we will reopen that ticket.
  • Question:
    I’d like a direct line to who can restart the SIP server?

    • Answer:
      You can call our support line directly (888)900-8944. The support specialist that answers the phone will assist you with restarting your server. If there is no answer, please always leave a message so that we know what the issue is and can quickly resolve your issue.

Please remember there are many ways to contact a ByWater employee to report an issue.

  • ByWater Ticketing System
  • ByWater Partners IRC channel. #bws-partners
  • Support Line. (888) 900-8944

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