Koha ILS

Koha Summer Developments Update

Happy start of summer everyone! We have some exciting development news to share with everyone. As you know, Jesse Weaver has joined ByWater’s development team and with that he has just completed a development that will allow staff from the checkin screen to cancel a hold, charge expired fees, and generate the next hold all from that screen. Stay tuned for what version of Koha this development gets into.

Over the next months, the Development Team will be working on improvements to the guarantor section of Koha. The first development will be to add an additional guarantor field to a patron’s record. The second development will be to restrict patrons based on their guarantor/guarantee’s fines. So if a child has many fines on their record and have been blocked, this development will automatically place a block on the guarantor’s record, and then automatically remove the block once the fines have been addressed.

These are going to be great improvements for the circulation staff, but what about improvements for acquisition users? Have no fear, we have a development in the works to help you too. We will be working on a development that will add a new form to the page where you will be able to specify how many copies of the item to be added. No more needing to hit “add‚Äù repeatably in a basket!

Lastly, we can’t forget about SIP2 users. We will be adding support for the AV field (ie fines) to Koha’s SIP2 server implementation. This development should show the patron’s fines and bills when they are using the self-check machines.

If you have your own development ideas or want to see what developments we’re still seeking funding on you can visit devs.bywatersolutions.com.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer.