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Can't Print Due Dates on Your Koha Slips? Here's a Cure!

Can’t print due dates on your Koha slips? You’re not alone! Here’s what you can do now to cure this!

Several partners have reported that after being upgraded to Koha 3.18.6 their slips are no longer showing due dates. Unfortunately, this is a bug:

However, there IS a work-around for this that you can use in the meantime!

If you edit your email template to use “<<items.onloan>>” instead of “<<issues.date_due>>” (no quotation marks) the dates will print!

You can modify this by going to your Koha staff client and looking under Tools and then Notices & Slips. Look for the notice ISSUESLIP, expand the Email template section, and edit it. DO NOT USE THE QUOTATION MARKS. You can also edit the ISSUESQSLIP in the same way.

If you need additional help with this issue please let us know!