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In my role as documentation manager I have been adding comments to the MySQL structure for Koha to help report writers figure out which fields contain what data. You can see some comments by scrolling through the database structure and looking for the bits that start with a double dash (–) that’s a comment.

That’s not all though! I recently read this email from Chris Cormack on the Koha mailing list:

For everyone who writes reports, or develops on Koha, we have a new site available to help.


This, combined with the work Nicole has been doing to add comments allows for nice information like this http://schema.koha-community.org/tables/biblio.html

It is up to date with master (what will be 3.6.0 on October 22), and will continue to track master thereafter.

Thanks to Robin for rediscovering SchemaSpy and to Nicole for adding comments.

What this means is you can now view the Koha database structure in an easier to read format and still have access to all of the comments I’ve been adding (and I’m not done yet, but I have made a nice dent).

Check it out and as always let me know if there is a way I can improve upon my work and for more help with reports don’t forget about my tutorial videos on the topic:

Read more by Nicole C.

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