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Koha Needs Your Help!

Calling all partners! Calling all partners!

Koha needs you! When speaking with potential library partners looking to switch their ILS, the number one factor in their decision making is typically other library’s experiences with that product. Peer acceptance is a huge validating factor when it comes to selecting a new system. That said, if you are happy with Koha never be afraid to say so! We encourage all of our partners to take part in any speaking opportunities at conferences that may come your way. White papers are also a fantastic way to get the word out about Koha. Even the areas that need improvements should be talked and written about: this is the best way to get other members of the community on board with changes that need to take place, and alerts companies like ours to things that need to be improved upon to make Koha a stronger system.The more the community grows the more the software grows, and the more the software grows the more functionality its current users can take advantage of.

It is for all of the reasons listed above that from now on ByWater will fund any of our partner’s trips to a non-Koha conference where they are taking part in a Koha or open source speaking engagement. If the library prefers, we can give development credits in lieu of funding the conference attendance and/or lodging. We not only want to encourage our partners to spread the word about their experiences with Koha, but also want to support the time it takes to do so. Please let us know if you have any questions about opportunities available! Here are some upcoming conference that ByWater will be attending this year:

  • Texas Library Association Conference
  • Connecticut Library Association Conference
  • Florida Library Association Conference
  • Association of Christian Libraries Conference
  • American Library Association Annual Conference
  • American Association of Law Libraries Conference
  • New England Library Association Conference

So far we have a talk scheduled in conjunction with two of our partners at the AALL conference as well as the Cali Conference for law school computing!

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