Koha ILS

Koha is ready for RDA

Lately current customers and potential customers alike have been asking us how much it will cost to get Koha ready for RDA. Well, I’m happy to let you all know that Koha is and has been (since Koha 3.8) ready for RDA – and it won’t cost you a penny to start using and displaying RDA fields in your Koha catalog.

Koha’s cataloging frameworks and custom XSLT stylesheets make it super easy to take advantage of the new RDA fields. At ByWater Solutions we’re upgrading the stylesheets and frameworks for all of our partners who want to make the switch (free of cost). You can do the same by following posts by our very own Joy Nelson and Chris Cormack of Catalyst.

So if your library is ready to start cataloging using RDA just let your support provider know that you’re ready for the updated frameworks and custom XSLT. If you’re going it alone the Koha community is a great place to look for assistance if the posts above don’t help get you started.