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BibLibre invites Koha Community Members

Message from Paul Poulain, Associé-gérant / co-owner
BibLibre, Open Source software and services for libraries

BibLibre is happy to invite Koha users and developers for a week of fun, working on Koha for improving its quality !

Dates: September 30th - October 4th. Anyone is welcomed any day: it's not required to come the whole week. But a minimum of 2 consecutive day is needed to be able to do something useful.

Location: 108 rue Breteuil, F-13006 Marseille

Who is invited: anyone willing to contribute to Koha, you don't need to be a developer to join us ! There is a lot of useful things a librarian can do much better than a developer, like testing, documenting.

How to register: drop Paul an email at paul.poulain@biblibre.com

How much does it cost: nothing (you'll have to deal with your traveling fees though, and BibLibre will organize the lunch, with a fee of 15-17€ per day)

Last but not least: come with your swimsuit, the sea is usually welcoming in September/early October 😊

About BibLibre

Biblibre's cornerstone is to help any libraries to deploy open source softwares. However it is not enough for a software to be open source for us to offer. We carefully select these softwares and there are two reasons for this. First, we want you to have efficient softwares. And then Biblibre's members are personally involved in the development and the support of these softwares.

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