Seeking Volunteers to join Koha Fund Sub-committee

What I propose is that those that volunteer for Koha Fund sub-committee would volunteer for a 1 year term.

Immediate responsibilities would include creating the “by-laws‚Äù that the sub-committee would act by. This would include taking the lead on creating a document (in an open forum) that would be presented to the Koha community for a vote of acceptance, at least one week before the next general meeting (7 days). Allowing for time for comments on the document and others to read the document, so that the document could be adjusted and corrected in time for a vote at the general meeting.
**One note here is that if there is a bylaw that would potentially exclude one of the original volunteering sub-committee members (who knows right), that they would willingly step-down once the by-laws are completed (OR is that really a worry and we just really need to make sure we have enough volunteers to get a committee?)**

Once the “by-laws‚Äù have been accepted by a majority vote in a general meeting, then the original volunteer members, would serve the rest of the year as part of the sub-committee for the Koha fund. The main purpose of the sub-committee is to creatively raise money for Koha to be spent on Koha (most likely to begin money would be spent on sign-offs, QA time, bugzilla maintenance cleaning, for example right now we have 26 critical bugs with no patch (so do those really need a patch or does bugzilla really need to be cleaned up?) ). So those that are interested in joining this to help make the bylaws so this is a successful venture and then being an active advocate for the Fund – please join up. You do not need to be a developer or anything close to that.

I propose that we leave the volunteering open until 1 week before the next general meeting which is 8 April 2015 at 19:00 UTC. That should give people enough time to add their names here ‚Äî> … Look at the Fundraising Committee section for a place. Then at the general meeting April 8th we can vote on the names present and then move forward.

So Dates…

Starting now, until April 1st —-> people place their names on the wiki list for being a potential volunteer for the sub-committee (I would also be willing to keep this open until April 7th if others agree to that)

April 1st to April 8th —> Community has a chance to review the names on their own time and be prepared for voting at the general meeting.

April 8th – Sub-committee volunteers are confirmed…

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question at all, the more we have before we vote on April 8th the better and more prepared everyone will be! (no surprises)

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