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Free Ebooks for your Koha Catalog

I know that I posted this last year, but so many new libraries have joined the Koha community recently, that I wanted to share with you all a way to get free ebook records for your catalogs. Did you know that Project Gutenberg has their own MARC exports (and other formats as well) that you can grab with over 40,000 records!!

If you’re using Koha, and want item records associated with these free MARC records take the file provided by Project Gutenberg and load it in to MarcEdit. Add a 942$c with your ebook type and then add a 952 with your branch and item type info. I did a tutorial video on this a while back that might help you. That’s what I did and now I have these titles in my catalog and searchable!

Learn more about the Koha item record in the 3.10 manual and get your own batch of free ebook MARC records at the Project Gutenberg wiki.