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Koha 3.8 Faster Fast Add Framework

Last year I posted a faster fast add framework for Koha. Today I realized that some fields were visible that didn’t need to be (and really shouldn’t be). So here I am to share with you all an even faster (I hope) and more efficient Fast Add framework for Koha 3.8. Like last time, this zip file includes the SQL and the CSV for the framework. When using the framework import function on Koha 3.8 you want to import the CSV file.

For those who need a little extra help with importing a framework, check out my tutorial video on this topic.

Once you import my framework you’re welcome to continue making edits to it by deleting fields that you don’t need, but always remember that changes to the 9xx fields can cause cataloging in Koha to fail, alter these fields with caution.

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