Koha 3.8, ByWater Solutions and You

Koha 3.8 is out! There are over 130 changes to Koha which will improve both the patrons’ and librarians’ experience while using Koha. Almost every module within Koha has seen improvements, from Searching, to Cataloging, to Acquisitions and more. (See the full description of enhancements here: and keep an eye out for the “librarian-readable” release notes coming from Nicole soon.)

However, even with the careful programming and detailed QA performed by the Koha community, there are bound to be a few glitches and unintended consequences with a release containing so many changes. In order to minimize any problems or disruptions with our partner installations of Koha, Bywater Solutions is going to spend the next month testing upgrades to, and new installations of, Koha 3.8. We will be testing not just the new changes and enhancements, but checking to make sure existing functionality is not compromised.

Over the next few weeks, at the same time as we are testing, ByWater will be contacting all of our partners to schedule times for upgrades to 3.8. Because of the underlying requirements in Koha’s code, some additional upgrades may be needed depending on your library’s current operating system version. We will provide all the information about what needs to be done, and approximately how long it will take to complete the upgrades.

[Originally posted by Albert Oller]

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