Koha 3.4 Released

Koha 3.4 has been released!! Full release notes (listing new features, developers, managers and contributors) can be read on the official Koha site. Here at ByWater we’d like to give a special thanks to the following ByWater Partners for sponsoring developments that have been included in this release!

  • Goddard College, USA
  • Los Gatos Public Library, USA
  • Marlboro College, USA
  • MassCat, USA
  • Naropa College, USA
  • Nelsonville Public Library, USA

Release Manager, Chris Cormack, reported that:

In [the last] 6 months 66 different people have contributed code that has been accepted for the 3.4.0 release. Over 633 bugs and enhancements have been fixed or added. With over 1400 patches committed. The community continues to grow every release as does the pace of development.

ByWater Solutions thanks every one of those 66 people and looks forward to the next six months!!

Read more by Nicole C.

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