Koha 3.2 Released

Yesterday (NZ time) Koha 3.2 was released!

I posted recently about the new features in Koha 3.2, but my list was nothing compared to the official release notes.

Koha 3.2.0 can be downloaded from:

Installation instructions can be found at:

Koha 3.2.0 is a major feature release.

New features in 3.2.0


  • The acquisitions module is significantly revamped:
  • Support for hierarchical funds and budgets
  • Budget planning by calendar and item type
  • Vendor contract periods
  • Generation of PDF purchase orders
  • Ability to place orders on a batch of bibliographic records imported into the catalog from a file or Z39.50 search


  • Significant usability enhancements to the system preferences editor
  • Granular permissions are now always on; the GranularPermissions system preference is consequently removed
  • Many additional granular permissions are added


  • Bulk item editing
  • Revamped inventory/stock-taking
  • Ability to export bibliographic information in CSV format from the staff cart
  • New quick spine label print button
  • Support for temporary location and in-process item statuses
  • Usability enhancements to cataloging workflow:
  • Can now choose whether to edit items after saving a bib record
  • Option to move an item from one bib to another
  • Option to delete all items attached to a bib
  • Ability to clone an item
  • View bib in OPAC link from the staff interface
  • Ability to merge duplicate bibliographic record from the staff lists interface


  • Ability to define library transfer limits
  • Email checkout slips
  • Option to enable alert sounds during checkin and checkout
  • Improvements in Koha’s ability to express circulation policies
  • Option to charge fines using suspension days instead of money
  • Hold policies are now on the library/itemtype/categorycode level
  • Renewal policies are now on the library/itemtype/categorycode level
  • Ability to specify an expiration date for a hold request when placing it via the staff interface or OPAC
  • Daily batch job to cancel expired holds
  • Improvements to the interface to change the priority of hold requests for a bib in the staff interface
  • New messaging system for patron records, allowing an unlimited number of patron notes to be stored and managed
  • Changes to web-based self checkout
  • Ability to login in automatically to self-check, allowing for unattended self-check stations
  • Ability to display the patron image in self-check


  • Numerous enhancements to the bib display XML templates
  • Per-patron OPAC search history, with ability for patrons to manage the retention of their search history
  • Support for Syndetics, LibraryThing, and Babeltheque enhanced content
  • Support for RIS and BibTeX export
  • Bib details page includes which lists a bib belongs to
  • Can now customize the ‘search for this title in’ links
  • Preference to control whether patrons can change their details in the OPAC
  • OPAC icon set provided by vokal


  • Guided reports can now take runtime parameters
  • Can now edit SQL reports


  • Can now specify the subscription end date, library location, and grace periods
  • Option to automatically place hold requests for members of a serials routing list
  • Numerous bugfixes


  • The cart has been added to the staff interface
  • Staff can add items to lists in bulk from search results
  • Enhanced patron card and item label creator
  • Support for XSLT templates in the staff bib details display
  • Bib details page includes which lists a bib belongs to


  • Integration with SOPAC, including support for various web services defined by the ILS-DI recommendation
  • Support for CAS single sign-on
  • Improvements to OAI-PMH support

System Preferences

The following system preferences are new in 3.2.0:

  • AcqCreateItem
  • AllowAllMessageDeletion
  • AllowHoldDateInFuture
  • AllowHoldPolicyOverride
  • AutoSelfCheckAllowed
  • AutoSelfCheckID
  • AutoSelfCheckPass
  • BranchTransferLimitsType
  • Babeltheque
  • casAuthentication
  • casLogout
  • casServerUrl
  • ceilingDueDate
  • CurrencyFormat
  • DisplayClearScreenButton
  • DisplayMultiPlaceHold
  • DisplayOPACiconsXSLT
  • EnableOpacSearchHistory
  • FilterBeforeOverdueReport
  • HidePatronName
  • ILS-DI
  • ILS-DI:AuthorizedIPs
  • ImageLimit
  • InProcessingToShelvingCart
  • intranetbookbag
  • LibraryThingForLibrariesEnabled
  • LibraryThingForLibrariesID
  • LibraryThingForLibrariesTabbedView
  • NewItemsDefaultLocation
  • numReturnedItemsToShow
  • OAI-PMH:ConfFile
  • OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown
  • OPACAllowHoldDateInFuture
  • OPACAmazonReviews
  • OPACDisplayRequestPriority
  • OPACFineNoRenewals
  • OPACFinesTab
  • OPACPatronDetails
  • OPACSearchForTitleIn
  • opacSerialDefaultTab
  • OPACSerialIssueDisplayCount
  • OPACShowCheckoutName
  • OrderPdfFormat
  • OverdueNoticeBcc
  • OverduesBlockCirc
  • PrintNoticesMaxLines
  • ReturnToShelvingCart
  • RoutingListAddReserves
  • ShowPatronImageInWebBasedSelfCheck
  • soundon
  • SpineLabelAutoPrint
  • SpineLabelFormat
  • SpineLabelShowPrintOnBibDetails
  • StaffSerialIssueDisplayCount
  • SyndeticsAuthorNotes
  • SyndeticsAwards
  • SyndeticsClientCode
  • SyndeticsCoverImages
  • SyndeticsCoverImageSize
  • SyndeticsEditions
  • SyndeticsEnabled
  • SyndeticsExcerpt
  • SyndeticsReviews
  • SyndeticsSeries
  • SyndeticsSummary
  • SyndeticsTOC
  • UseBranchTransferLimits

You can learn even more about this new release of Koha on the official site.


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