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Koha 3.2 Beta Released

Last night Koha 3.2 Beta was released. This release include bug fixes for various problems found in 3.2 alpha. Our release manager, Galen Charlton gave the following report:

The release tarball can be downloaded from:


Checksums and signatures to verify the download can be retrieved from:


A list of the bugs patched since the release of the second alpha can be found in the email announcing the beta release. I would like to thank all who have been working on closing bugs, and I would like to give a special tip of my hat to Lars Wirzenius for his work on the Debian packaging of Koha and to Katrin Fischer for enhancing the German localization of Koha and working on other translation glitches.

At this point, I am declaring a string freeze with the following exceptions:

  • forward ports from 3.0.x (for which translated strings can
    presumably be grabbed from the 3.0.x translations)
  • remaining 3.2 release blockers.

Read more by Nicole C.

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