Koha ILS

Joining The ByWater Team & Customer Service

My previous work experience was all in the retail environment and its all I have known. Everything has always been surrounded by customer service because if you didn’t provide the best possible customer service they can easily find another retailer to serve the customers needs. I have always known to do everything you possibly can to make the customer happy. This has and always will be my biggest aspect of my skills and I was excited to bring that to the ByWater team.

I joined ByWater a little over 2 months ago and I didn’t have the similar background as most of the team but the one thing that I could relate with all of them is the customer service spirit they all believe in. I have been very surprised that in this industry of libraries there is not really a company that has strived to be the best customer service out there. I have talked with some people in my family that are in the library world and others that informed me of their experiences with other vendors. They didn’t have the best communication and support from other vendors and it hasn’t been the best experience in the world. After talking with some of our current partners you can tell the experience has been totally different for them in a positive way dealing with the ByWater team coming from some other vendors. I have always believed if you give the best service possible your potential is limitless because that’s what will keep customers coming back and new ones coming. I am very excited to call myself part of the ByWater family and am ready to bring my customer service experience to the library world to help to the best of my abilities.

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