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Global Bug Squashing Weekend

This message came from Owen Leonard via the Koha mailing list, but I wanted to share it with you all here in case you’re not on the list:

It was decided at the IRC general meeting yesterday that this weekend would be a Global Bug Squashing weekend, starting Friday November 9th and running through Monday November 12 in whatever time zone you choose.

Not sure how you can help? Jump on the IRC channel (http://koha-community.org/get-involved/irc/) and we will help you get started! And with the sandboxes provided by BibLibre all you need in order to join the fun is a web browser!


To those submitting patches, I ask again that every patch come with a test plan outlining:

  1. What the problem is.
  2. How to reproduce the problem.
  3. What the patch does to solve the problem.
  4. What (if any) configuration steps need to be taken after the patch is applied.
  5. What steps to take to test that the patch is working correctly.

And finally, even if you can’t submit a patch or test a patch you can simply TEST! Kick Koha’s tires and see if you can break something!

The best way to make Koha 3.10 the best release ever is to have everyone testing and squashing bugs! So if you can participate, please do.

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