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Free Ebook MARC Records from Open Library

A few months ago I reminded you all about the free ebook MARC records available from Project Gutenberg. Today I found yet another source for free lendable ebooks records!

The Open Library is an awesome project that I am always promoting, today while searching their site I found that we can actually download MARC records for their free lendable ebooks.

This means you can add thousands of free ebooks to your library catalog! Remember, if you’re using Koha, and want item records associated with these free MARC records take the file provided by Open Library and load it in to MarcEdit. Add a 942$c with your ebook type and then add a 952 with your branch and item type info. I did a tutorial video on this a while back that might help you. That’s what I did and now I have these titles in my catalog and searchable!