Creating Web Pages Directly in Aspen Discovery

Aspen Discovery now has the ability to create web pages directly in your discovery layer! This broadens the capacity to fulfill the end goal of Aspen Discovery - making it as easy as possible to share information and resources with your patrons!

Introduction to the Web Builder Module

Aspen Discovery now has a built in module, called the Web Builder module, at no extra expense to our partners! The web builder module has multiple sections where we can generate content directly in Aspen Discovery. The major benefit to have this capacity built in, is empowering your library by allowing direct access to web building functionalities. Within this new module, you can create web pages with no web design experience - trust me!

What is included?

Inside the web builder module, you can easily create a web page using the basic page and custom page sections. The basic pages are going to be the easiest to create and custom pages allows more flexibility to create a more complex web page. Additionally, you can create staff directories and custom forms with this module. The forms can be embedded throughout Aspen Discovery. When you create these pages, they can be found in the 'Explore More' section of the catalog. You can embed the pages, staff directories, or forms right into your menus.

Finally, the web builder module includes a web resources sections, which gives us a way to spotlight any resources in another way to ensure patrons are aware of any resource available to them. Aspen Discovery has continual development to improve findability and spotlighting of resources that traditional catalogs fail to highlight for patrons.

Saving Money with Web Builder

In addition to sharing resources with your patrons, Aspen Discovery saves you and your library lots of money! Now that Aspen Discovery includes a web builder directly in your software at no extra charge, you do not need to oversee a separate website builder. With this functionality you can save money and have complete control over your entire site, not just your catalog. The web builder gives you the ability to create your entire website and catalog within Aspen Discovery.

Program Promotion

Aspen Discovery's web builder functionality will allow ease in promoting all of your programs! You can create a page for each of your programs - Job Seekers, After School Programs or Book Clubs! It is super easy to add the pages, edit the pages as needed, and remove once the program is over.

Seasonal Program Promotion

Creating season program pages with the web builder functionality is straightforward and painless! You can create custom pages for your seasonal programs, easily and quickly edit the pages and remove the page when the season has passed! Celebrating is easier than ever.

Uintah County Public Library Home Page

Uintah County Public Library has created a custom landing page with the web builder module that includes custom images, upcoming events, information on curbside - including an embedded video - and book club, movie, book, and local history archive spotlights.

Uintah County Public Library Children's Page

Uintah County Public Library has a custom page dedicated to all children services their library offers, complete with videos, images, text, collection spotlights, upcoming events, reading lists, and a custom form!

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Read more by Addie Van Salisbury