CORAL Release 3.0.1

The CORAL Steering Committee is excited to announce the release of CORAL 3.0.1, which includes a wide variety of bug fixes requested from the 3.0 release last summer.

The complete news release can be found at:

A complete list of the bug fixes can be found on Github, and the patch release is available from the CORAL 3.0.1 page.

The Committee welcomes feedback at or on the user group list.

Release Notes

This patch release contains the following bug fixes and a few enhancements:

  • Security patch for outdated .htaccess files
  • Add Public Interface Generator to codebase (#467)
  • Koha OAuth bugfixes and enhancements (Issue #495)
  • Fix resources menu display for Turkish translation (Issue #500)
  • Fix regression with workflow archiving (Issue #211)
  • Fix acquisition type and storage location deletion in admin (Issue #479)
  • Fix access method deletion in admin (PR #469)
  • Fix end date alert (Issue #446)
  • Fix hard-coded dates in SushiService (Issue #484)
  • Fix access edition when using icon link (Issue #462)
  • Miscellaneous additional bug fixes


CORAL is an electronic resource management system initially started by the University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries. The first module, Licensing, was released as open source software in the summer of 2010 and we have continued releasing new modules since then. It is designed to be both simple and highly customizable – each module can be installed independently or used together depending on your library’s needs. If you do decide to install the entire suite, easy access to linked records help make sense of the electronic resource through the entire life cycle of acquisition, licensing, administration, support, and usage.

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