CORAL Release 2020.02

The CORAL Steering Committee is excited to announce the release of 2020.02, which includes numerous enhancements and several bug fixes.

Highlights of the enhancements include ILS connection update, the inclusion of the Terms tools, EBSCO KB interface updates, improved numbers internationalization, enhancements to the dashboard, and many other improvements.

A complete list of enhancements and bug fixes along with the code for download can be found on Github:

The CORAL Steering Committee would like to thank all developers and users who have contributed to this release. If you have any feedback about this release, you may send them to or post it on the user group list.

Release Notes

About Coral

Bug Fixes

#547 Fix licensing calendar
#611 SUSHI issues
#553 Add missing field ilsID
#558 Fix Resource Get Statistics button
#619 Additional Datepicker fixes


#588 Add a vendor as active when using CORAL/Koha vendors synchronization
#606 Opening modules in the same or new window is configurable
#577 ILS Connection: use a dropdown list when searching an ILS vendor
#488 Include the Terms tool in CORAL code
#583 EBSCO KB interface updates
#624 Search resources with no relationship
#582 Specify datepickers date format in common/configuration.ini
#576 Better numbers internationalization
#598 Multiple enhancements to Dashboards
#546 Replaces some links with icons


CORAL is an electronic resource management system initially started by the University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries. The first module, Licensing, was released as open-source software in the summer of 2010 and we have continued releasing new modules since then. It is designed to be both simple and highly customizable – each module can be installed independently or used together depending on your library’s needs. If you do decide to install the entire suite, easy access to linked records helps make sense of the electronic resource through the entire life cycle of acquisition, licensing, administration, support, and usage.

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