Members of the ByWater Solutions Team Present at the 2021 koha-US Conference

The 2021 koha-US Annual Conference is happening September 21st - September 24th both live in McKinney, TX and available for you to attend online. If you attend online it is free (with appreciated donation)!

Staff from ByWater Solutions are presenting several presentations at the conference. Here is a list of all the great ways to see us at koha-US.

See the full conference schedule here:

Tuesday, September 21st

Training Videos – What Works for Us

2 pm ET /1 pm Central

Christopher Brannon, Coeur d’Alene Public Library

George Williams, NEKLS

Jessie Zairo & Kelly McElligott, ByWater Solutions

Be inspired to create your own training videos!

Shifting Perspectives: From Customers to Community

4:15 pm ET /3:15 pm Central

Ed Veal, McKinney Public Library

Jessie Zairo, ByWater Solutions

A panel discussion focused on the cultural shift that library staff have to make when they go from being a customer of an ILS vendor to a member of an open source community. Does this shift affect more than the way you look at the ILS? How do you view open source options as a whole?

Wednesday, September 22nd

Using Koha to Improve the Patron Experience

10 am ET /9 am Central

Jessie Zairo & Kelly McElligott, ByWater Solutions

Sharing tips and tricks for both frontline and backend users.

Koha and Aspen Discovery: The Dynamic Duo

3 pm ET /2 pm Central

Mark Noble, ByWater Solutions

Erica Richardson, Benbrook Public Library

Library discovery platforms have been growing in popularity for many years but with the increase in digital platform integration, the market has expanded rapidly. What was once seen as a decorative overlay is now being seen as a necessary operational system. So, what is all the buzz about library discovery? And how are users in the Koha Community integrating discovery platforms? We talk with Erica Richardson, Assistant Director of Benbrook Public Library in Benbrook, Texas about their experiences migrating to the Koha ILS with the Aspen Discovery Layer and contributing to the rapidly expanding Open Source Aspen Discovery Community.

Thursday, September 23rd & Friday, September 24th

Staff will be on hand to answer questions, demo products, troubleshoot, and chat!

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